Social Media Resources

Collated by colleagues from BBC Vision and the BBC News UGC hub – Mid 2010

Twitter Search (often location searches are skewed): 

BlogPulse (blog search provided by Nielsen):

BoardTracker (powerful search engine for messageboards and forums): 

Social meter (put a site in and you get how many people link to them; needs to be a popular site though ): 

BackTweets (search links on Twitter): 

Social Mention (“like Google Alerts but for social media”): 

Addictomatic (“the latest buzz on any topic”; really nice for immediate general overview and good for breaking news): 

Tweeted Brands (the most tweeted brands on Twitter): 

How Sociable (displays the visibility of your brand across various social networks): 

Google Trends: 

Google Insights: 

Google Alerts: 

Google Blog search: 

Ubervu (overviews, analytics, comparison and reports. Charges for emotion analysis but still does good comparisons without fee, for example who is most talked about, Obama vs Palin):