Data Driven Journalism – European Journalism Centre Seminar – 24 Aug 2010

Ten, even five years ago, the use of data as a basis for reporting was difficult and costly, requiring IT skills far beyond what is common in media. Databases were used mainly by investigative journalists. Editors and reporters usually relied on information provided by outside sources.

Today there is a notable change. Collections of data are becoming available online, often for free. There is a whole stack of tools to dig into ‘big data‘. Open source tools allow navigation and analysis of large amounts of data rather quickly. There are online applications that allow us to share and visualise data.

Developing the know-how to use the available data more effectively, to understand it, communicate and generate stories based on it, could be a huge opportunity to breathe new life into journalism. Journalists can find new roles as ’sense-makers’ digging deep into data, thus making reporting more socially relevant. If done well, delivering credible information and advice could even generate revenues, opening up new perspectives on business models, aside from subscriptions and advertising.

Specialists in the fields which intersect with data-driven journalism (data mining, data visualisation and multimedia storytelling) discuss the possibilities of this emerging field, examine and understand the needed tools and workflows, and spread the know-how for data-driven journalism. What can we learn from the existing projects? How can we integrate the existing tools in the journalistic workflows? What skills are needed to enter this field?

The programme includes speakers from: The New York Times (US), The Financial Times (UK), The Times (UK), The University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), The Open University (UK), The Open Knowledge Foundation (UK), Medienkombinat (Germany) Hacks/Hackers (US), OWNI (France) IBM (France), Ultra Knowledge (UK), KB Consulting (Germany). The roundtable is chaired by Mirko Lorenz, DDJ Project leader, EJC and Innovation projects, Deutsche Welle.

Contact: Liliana Bounegru, European Journalism Centre,, Tel: +31 43 325 40 30


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