Letter to my MP Bob Stewart (Beckenham), sent on 9 July 2011

Dear Bob,I am wrtiting to ask you please do whatever is in your powers to stop News International Corporation from taking control of British Sky Broadcasting, after the disgusting situation regarding the News of the World phone hacking scandal, which they were very complacent to hide until it was impossible to keep it quiet thanks to the brilliant reporting from The Guardian.Also, please insist in Parliament to get to the bottom of this, especially regarding the dubvious role of the Police, and other public officers.Even though I haven’t voted for you, I follow your work closely, and deeply respect your interventions in Parliament. I know you are a very decent politician, and can only imagine that you might as well be horrified about how the families and friends of servicemen fallen in action, of those killed or seriously wounded on 7/7/2005, of those victims of serious crimes were used by these people, with total contempt, just to sell more papers.Also, as a Journalist (with capital J, not like those repugnant privacy invaders and liars like Andy Coulson), I would be very fearful of seeing how News International gets even more powers to control British broadcasting.It’s one of those rare moments in which justice can be done, and hope that it’s still time for David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt to reconsider their decision to give green light to the deal, no matter how much they have done to prevent Sky News from becoming “News of the World TV”, or even possibly worse, “Fox News”.Needless to say, I can imagine this doesn’t stop with the News of the World, and would also involve bad practices in other tabloid media. For the sake of British society and democracy, it’s time to elliminate the cancer and cherish the good Journalism that is overshadowed and cornered by powerful media monguls without ethical and moral values.Thank you.Yours sincerely,Roberto Belo-Rovella