Multilingual Macro and Micro Cosmos Scales

And more related stuff:

Good personal relevance angle could be to see if we can do an in-story module to allow users to enter a postcode – show how far from here the craft travels in a second (61,500km/h)

Sagan Walk – Very similar idea:

Powers of ten:

Visualising risk:

How big is a trillion:

Doing apps? Here’s a good style guide from ProPublica

“Using rules consistently can make your job easier and can prevent readers from having to struggle with new interfaces on every project, but remember that overdependence on rules can hamper progress, and that “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” News apps are a new and dynamic field and forking these rules for your own newsroom is a good thing. These rules are not an excuse to avoid change, and nothing in this document should be taken as a discouragement to be weird. This is just a set of decisions we’ve decided work really well for us, and that we try to stick to.”

The importance of scales – Why this Guardian graphic is misleading

Nice looking and comprehensive graphic, except that the colour blocks representing different units obscure the facts that the visual wants to show. For instance, that the US spends almost eight times more than Russia on defence.

Comparative column charts only work if all columns are on the same scale!