‘Money Wins Elections’ interactive by Tony Chu

A parallax presentation, and nice demo of the principle of progressive enhancement.

Quoting my colleague Steven Connor: “If you look at it on old IE you get none of the fancy Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) but you still get the key facts and arguments laid out reasonably nicely as you scroll down because this key content is done as styled up text in HTML”.

http://letsfreecongress.org/ – by @tonyhschu

Distances: the Sun, the neighbor starts and the Milky Way

This HTML5 presentation by Google viz guys shows very well the scale of distances in the universe. Carl Sagan would be proud. Run it on Chrome or other decent updated browser to get the full experience.

This my have already been sent around but just incase it hasn’t here is a link to 100,000 Stars.


And this is how it was made: