NYTimes piece on dataviz, maps and interactive charts


Quote picked up by my colleague John Walton: “It doesn’t work if it’s not moving,” said Mr. Rodenbeck, the head of Stamen Design, a San Francisco studio that Google, Facebook andMicrosoft have all used for help in turning fast-paced digital information into easily understood images. “It doesn’t work if you can’t touch it.”

Nic Newman’s Media, technology and journalism predictions 2014

The impact of Buzzfeed and social sharing, the rise of digital video, more disruption for TV, new  journalism formats and business models, wearable computing,  the next disruptive technologies + companies to watch …

2014 predictions from Digital Strategist and former BBC World Editor Nic Newman:


Also, from the Nieman Lab:


… and if you’re looking for an alternative perspective on the “erosion of narrative storytelling” prediction, check this out too:

The Stream is fun and fast, but don’t you miss the sense of an ending?