Cheap garments and social responsibility

Two web documentaries around the metaphor of how much costs to produce the shirt / the t-shirt you wear.

NPR’s Planet Money, more involved:

The Guardian, more traditional story telling and a good counter telling you for how long you’ve been on the story, and in that time how much money a Bangladeshi garment worker and the UK retailers have made:


Great storytelling from NPR: Planet Money makes a T- Shirt

From my colleague Andy Leimdorfer:

“It tells the story of how to manufacture a T-shirt from the cotton seed to the finished product, which in itself is quite interesting, but the treatment is very nicely done with the people involved in the process as the main focus, which makes the whole thing more engaging and human.

The format is basically a big video with some supplementary information in text and graphics which are revealed when the video ends and scrolls up. It works well and some of the supplementary info is good, but, to be honest, the power of the story-telling is the video.

It’s also interesting that the whole project was financed by using kickstarter to sell the t-shirt they were going to follow being made.

And they even open sourced the code!

Behind the scenes: